galipette. caramels are made in Paris with fresh Normandy cream and Brittany butter by two quality-obsessed pastry chefs. Antoaneta Julea and Sayako Tsuji bonded while whisking their way in Julia Child's footsteps at the renowned Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris.

having gotten seriously addicted to their morning croissants the two decided to stay there after completing their studies and hone their skills among French artisans. Antoaneta went on to work with the creative chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux, while Sayako joined the three Michelin starred culinary team at Hotel Crillon.

yet even after intense days in their professional kitchens they couldn't resist the urge to experiment with classic techniques and new flavor combinations in their spare time. galipette. was born from these after-hours sessions in their own kitchens and a desire to discover and share the ultimate caramel.

Antoaneta likes:

  • polaroids
  • rain boots
  • puffins
  • steamed pork buns
  • french comic books
  • taxidermy
  • bridges
  • fountain pens
  • murakami short stories
  • staring out of train windows

Antoaneta doesn't like

  • camping

Saya likes:

  • finger puppets
  • hats
  • grapefruits
  • cheesy postcards
  • root beer floats
  • the beatles
  • ikea meatballs
  • baking
  • numbers
  • paris caf├ęs on rainy days

Saya doesn't like:

  • frogs