shipping info

we ship from Paris via the French Post's Priority Service.

our caramels are made fresh to order and ship within one or two days. once shipped, orders generally arrive to US/Canada addresses in 7 to 10 business days, in about half that time to addresses in the European Union and as quickly as 2 days within France.

shipping costs

U.S., Canada & Worldwide: $8.00 ($4.50 for each additional box)
France: $7.00 ($2.00 for each additional box)
European Union: $7.50 ($2.00 for each additional box)

we're happy to accommodate priority orders with expedited delivery and tracking, though please keep in mind that it will be substantially more expensive. it is also possible to arrange for local delivery and pick-up in Paris for large orders. email us at contact@galipetteparis.com if you have special handling requests.

payment options

we currently accept secure payments through Paypal.

what ingredients do you use?

galipette. caramels are hand made in our Paris kitchen with fresh cream from Normandy, butter from Brittany, fleur de sel from Guerande, Madagascar vanilla beans, sugar, fondant and glucose. depending on the recipe they also include 100% solid cacao (the purest dark chocolate available), Valrhona cocoa nibs, freshly roasted hazenuts and almonds, szechuan pepper and rose (or pink) pepper.

how long do your caramels last?

our caramels are always made fresh to order with high quality ingredients and no preservatives. they have a shelf life of about one month. each galipette. box includes a card with flavor notes, tips on storing your treats and a "best before" date. if you are able to resist nibbling them all immediately you can extend their shelf life and ensure that they maintain their perfect flavor and texture by keeping them in a cold dark place (like your fridge) and returning them to room temperature before tasting.

i have an allergy or dietary preference

nuts - several of our caramels include nuts and all of them are made with equipment that has previously been in contact with nuts.

lactose - pure cream has a high fat content and thus a very low lactose percentage, around 3%. butter contains less than 1%. cooking further breaks down lactose molecules so caramels tend to contain only a very small amount of lactose. therefore only those with very severe lactose allergies should be affected by the lactose contained in our caramels.

gluten - glucose, a simple sugar contained in all our caramels, is usually made from corn but may also contain small amounts of wheat, rice or potato starch. glucose is generally considered safe for those with gluten allergies but can still have an effect on those who are severely sensitive.

vegan - our caramels are made with fresh local butter and cream. they are not vegan.

feel free to email us at contact@galipetteparis.com if you have any other concerns

who took your photographs, styled your packaging and designed your website?

Antoaneta takes all the galipette. photographs, Saya designs the cute packaging and our website was created by Nic Crucian of surfaceworld.net